A new kind of members’ club inspired by our belief that the closest friendships and greatest ideas are often forged through the most unexpected connections
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Bringing people together fosters opportunity. A sense of occasion for social interaction, collaboration, relationship building and a meeting of minds: The very foundations that helped create many of today’s most progressive businesses, and significant movements for societal change. In the same way that clan associations in Singapore’s early history established environments for strangers to find support and friendship, we want to build a modern-day clan. One envisioned for the 21st century, imbued with the same sense of companionship.

We believe that meaningful relationships have the power to help us grow and develop in both our personal and professional lives. We want to assemble a unique community of people bound together by shared passions, values and interests, as opposed to ethnicity, gender, or economics. We’ll provide them with inspirational events featuring the best and new ideas from around the world, in a comfortable space where they can be themselves and build their social circle. We’re excited by what these connections will make possible.

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