Straits Clan is a members’ club that pays tribute to the original clan associations of a bygone era. Borne out of a desire to do more and do better, we hope this is a space where conversations begin, friendships are made, and ideas are born.

Our community is one that is defined by their passions, not their professions. From the rising stars and future leaders to the game changers and industry stalwarts. We have built an intentionally diverse community, made up of those with a creative, entrepreneurial or social change mindset, united by their desire to create positive change. We’ve also assembled an always ace calendar of content that puts the new and iconoclastic together alongside the established and universally adored, with plenty of lovely things to discover. Together with our team of designers, chefs, bartenders and servers, we’ve worked hard to ensure that (almost) everything you’ve ever wanted is right here.

Ours is a new clan for a new era.