Kin is a reminder to hold on

to the things that make us who we are, to the things that have been there all along


Kin is a restaurant in the lobby of Straits Clan that serves heritage cuisine by Chef Damian D’Silva. The menu is a retrospective look at the origins of our cuisine, showcasing traditional cooking methods, recipes and ingredients that have been left behind. Paired with an inspired beverage offering and genuine hospitality to complement the simple joys of sitting around the dining table with loved ones.


As a young boy, Damian D’Silva’s love for cooking was nurtured by his chef grandfather, whom he affectionately called “Pop”. Some of his fondest memories of food were of Sunday dinners where he sat around a dining table with family and friends. He also recalls a time where dishes were not constrained by culture or racial identity, but rather an amalgamation of recipes brought from foreign lands. Reproduced with locally foraged ingredients and subsequently interpreted by different individuals from diverse cultures, resulting in an incredible colourful culinary patina.

With Kin, Damian endeavours to marry his love for feeding people with his life’s work of preserving heritage cuisine and knowledge of local ingredients, for the generations to come.


Much of the food preparation process involves components that are laboriously handmade from scratch in-house, or procured in limited quantities from a network of traditional makers that Damian has nurtured lifelong relationships with. Some dishes are only available in cadence with a micro-seasonal calendar established through decades of observation by local producers, fishermen and the people who work with them.

Our food is served in a communal format, we believe a mutual sharing of food is an essential part of the dining experience that encourages kinship. While we have a selection of vegetarian-friendly dishes, we are regrettably unable to accommodate other dietary allergies and sensitivities as our dishes are recreated as true to their original heritage recipes as possible.



L1 Straits Clan Lobby, 31 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089845
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