Startup Stories feat. Shiok Meats

Monday 5 Aug, 7pm
Straits Clan Attic, Level 4

In our third edition of Startup Stories, we're thrilled to present Singapore's first cell-based meat venture Shiok Meats, which most recently completed a $4.6million seed funding. With rising concerns around the sustainability of current meat production systems, new forms of food, including “clean” or “cellular” foods, are increasingly popular.

Founded in August last year, Shiok Meats is the brainchild of two stem cell biologists, Dr Sandhya Sriram and Dr Ling Ka-Yi, who will be joining us at Straits Clan for an exclusive panel discussion this August. Learn about their startup journey, understand the rising popularity of "clean meats", and hear the two entrepreneurs speak on where they think their venture is going.